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Library Building Services

Integrated Joinery Solutions Library Building Service assist with building a comprehensive library of your specialised units.



Many businesses offer a range of specialised, custom units in different sizes eg, office furniture, toilet partitions, reception counters, newsagency displays etc

By creating a fully parametric library of these specialised units your setout team simply import the unit, enter the desired dimensions when prompted, and the unit appears, ready for machining to be added and sent through for production.

This speeds up the productivity of the setout team. Units no longer need to be drawn from scratch each time resulting in increased accuracy. Each time, you can bank on reduced errors on the workshop floor as well as reduced material wastage.

We can assist by:

  • building a library using the TopSolid'Wood or PYTHA┬« software for you OR
  • training your team build in the skills to develop a comprehensive library themselves

Do I need to have software to utilise your service?

No. If your business is not yet in a position to invest in software and/or employ a setout operator but needs professional shop-drawings and/or production files then we can assist by developing a library of your standard units, complete with code to send through to production. Any non standard units can also be catered for by using the Setout Service.

So you get the benefit of professional shop drawings, with machining added and G-Code generated to send through to a CNC or a cutting list to use with a panel or beam saw without the investment in a software system or setout operator until your business is able to sustain these extra costs.

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